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July 26-27, 2013

View from our hotel on Cuba St. in Wellington. We ate at that fish place.

Early flight from Wellington Airport, well before the office of our rental company opened.
Our instructions were therefore to park in the airport parking lot, put the keys in the glove box, leave it unlocked.

So if you’re less scrupulous than a Kiwi and need a free car in New Zealand, you know how to get one now.

Apparently the Wellington Airport executive was on to something, Jenn is completely obsessed with Golum.

July 26, 2013

We drove (almost) the length of the South Island and pulled our rental car onto the Interislander Aratere ferry across Cook Straight to Wellington.

July 25, 2013

Around Rotorua there are fairly-expensive, locked-into-a-guided-tour, packages where you boat into caves and see glow-worms all about.  They felt too tourist-trappy to us so we passed on the tours with our fingers crossed that we’d have another opportunity to see them.
While staying overnight in Franz Josef, (the New Zealand town, not the nineteenth century Austrian Emperor) we were handed the very best tourist map of all time.  It led us to an easy walking path upon which we could grope around in the dark and see the glow-worms in the wild.
This is the trail and a huge tree trunk under which you can see a ton of them, when it’s dark.
Too dark for us to photograph anything to show you, even with the bio luminescence.

Punakaiki (Pancake Rocks)

July 24, 2013

Franz Josef Glacier

A totally separate glacier than the Fox. 
This wasn’t just a visual show.  A concert of creaking, cracking ice, rocks sliding and falling, and the occasional crash of a ton of ice tumbling down into rocks or more ice.

July 24, 2013

Fox Glacier

Definitely a highlight of the trip was walking up to two separate live glaciers. 
A hundred years ago the glacier came down further than where we’re standing in the first picture.
Only TWO years ago it came up to where we’re standing in that sixth picture.

We also kept expecting to see Jessica Lange being bathed by a giant primate.

July 23, 2013

It’s a spring, get it?

Gillespies Beach in the Fox Glacier/Franz Josef Glacier area.
In geological terms, the glaciers JUST dumped that gravel here.  Fun to think of it as “young sand”.

Lake Matheson.

I love me some lamb.

July 23, 2013

In Queenstown we rented a car and started north on the South Island,

Drive from Wanaka over Haast Pass.

Lake Hawea,
Lake Wanaka,
Mount Aspiring Nat’l Park, (Can you think of a more inspiring name for a national park?)
Tasman Sea

July 22, 2013

Driving from Queenstown to Wanaka:

More adequate scenery.

CRAZY snakes following your car.
It took us two weeks to find an example to photograph that wasn’t on a terribly dangerous curve.  Funny that.

Detailed toilet instructions at a roadside stop.

July 21, 2013

After the show was done, we flew down to Queenstown, towards the bottom of the South Island.

The scenery there was ok.

Keanu Reeves Saves The Universe - Auckland, July 16-20, 2013

It seems a good idea to show some of the reason for going down under.

Producer/Star/Host Natalie Beran and me in the lobby of the Basement Theatre.

In most rehearsals I just do a lot of pointing and saying “ooooooooohhhhh!”

Fundraiser quiz night!  How much do we all know about Keanu Reeves Movies?  (It wasn’t me or my team!)

Bennett Conran     Keanu Reeves
Sateki Finau-Baas Dorfeous
Natalie Beran         Captain Angela
Aimee Gestro         Schlock
Cassie Baker          Lt. Obvious
Jim Cawthorn         Foley
Ida Barklund           Ambassador Princess
Barry Duffield         Dark Hater
David Mackie         Lana Wachowski / Stormtroopers
Gina Timberlake     Computer Voice / Stormtroopers